City Players Loving Pre Season

The Cardiff City squad have been enjoying their pre-season so far up in Scotland and the group is bonding well despite the addition of nine new faces.

Speaking to Cardiff City TV, manager Steve Morison said: “It’s been excellent stuff on the grass and it’s been really good stuff off the grass.”

“This time of the season is really important and we use that time wisely.”

“We’ve got to work on the pitch. And we’ve got a lot of work in off the pitch.”

“Obviously, we haven’t put it in practice against anyone. We’ve just worked within ourselves. They’re all enjoying it. It’s a good group.”

“We spoke to spoke to a couple of older heads yesterday after training and just said, how’s the group?”

“They feel we’re all good and they’ve been enjoying their time together, which is really important.”

“I’ve been working hard and we’ve been pushing each other. It’s great seeing lots of lots of players with smiles on their faces.”

Great news for City fans ahead of the new season as Morison looks to mount a serious challenge to finish towards the playoffs following a disappointing season last time around.

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