Parasite Gareth Bale Sends Spanish Haters Packing as Ian Rush Says Cardiff City Move Possible

Wales and Real Madrid star Gareth Bale has hit back at a scathing and disrespectful opinion piece in the Marca news outlet in Spain leading to Wales legend Ian Rush saying that he might sign for Cardiff City FC.

The Marca piece called Bale a parasite from rainy Britain accusing him of giving nothing back in return for the euros that Real Madrid decided to pay him.

Bale let his skills do the talking as he scored both of Wales’ goals to send his country into the playoff final and just one step away from a World Cup appearance.

Many welsh fans would love to see their team reach the world cup, draw Spain and thrash them three-nil with a Bale hat-trick. We can only dream.

Speaking of dreaming, imagine if Bale decides to come home to Cardiff when his Madrid contract ends in the summer. Would he sign for Cardiff City and help his hometown club? I doubt it but you never know. I never thought I’d see Robbie Fowler or Craig Bellamy playing for The Bluebirds but they did.

According to Wales Online, Ian Rush thinks it’s a possibility: “He’ll keep his options open and one of those offers might be Cardiff.

“It would not surprise me if he went there. He’s a Cardiff boy and even though they’re in the Championship I don’t think that would bother him too much.

“He certainly wouldn’t be going there for the money but it ticks a lot of other boxes. He’d be doing Wales proud because it’s his hometown team and it would allow him to prolong his international career if he’s playing at a less demanding level in his club career.”

Marca is quoted as publishing this scathing rant about the former Spurs hero: “The Bale parasite came from the cold and rainy Britannia.

“He first showed diligence and love for the club, but then his nature led him to suck blood without giving anything in return. More than blood, he sucked and sucks the club’s euros.

“Unlike others of its kind, such as the flea, the louse or the bedbug, the Bale parasite does not cause itching or illnesses in its host, but after sucking, it laughs and makes fun of it, showing a jocular contempt for the one from whom he lives.”

Marca forget to mention that it was Real Madrid who offered him the money in his lucrative deal and it is absolutely baffling why he hasn’t been made more welcome in. the Spanish capital despite being one of the best players in the World.

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